Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 Months Old....

We have hit the double digits, can you guys believe it? I can't. This little man has changed my entire life for the better. He brings such joy to Adam & I. I'm trying to grasp these last two months before my little sweet baby is ONE YEAR OLD. I officially purchased everything for the birthday, I started in January HAHA. I just want you all to know its SO much easier to make small purchases spread out, than all at once. We still haven't had a 9 month checkup :( But hopefully we will be going in soon, patiently waiting for mail to arrive!! I can't stop looking at this picture, 10 months, really, jeez.

Matthew got to experience seeing bubbles for the first time this month. I pulled them out of the garage & we had a blast as Matthew chased them & was amazed & startled when they popped. He just couldn't understand why they were breaking right as he got to them & touched them!! It was so sweet & fun. He actually started to try & eat them at one point, go figure.

I had an EXTREMELY busy weekend, this weekend. My bridal shower, bachelorette party, & zumba party were all this weekend. Matthew was super dazed & confused since I was gone a lot, he is certainly not used to that & I came in very late. My tired little boy missed me!! You guys can expect pictures from this event, this week, I promise!! 

Those smiles are so innocent, but that Simply Orange was opened & all over the floor as we approached the BJS checkout line. Awesome right? I've officially learned even screw on bottles, babies will get off. 

This looks a lot higher than it does in person. But how adorable is this? He was giggling so loud  & having WAY too much fun. He is my little risk taker already. He absolutely LOVES when Adam throws him in the air.

I can't believe Thomas (cousin) & Matthew are already walking, starting to talk, getting into everything, fighting over toys, its crazy. I was just holding them as tiny tiny babies not to long ago. Matthew now 10 months, & Thomas now 13 months. They are going to be the best of friends!! 

My best friend Katie was in town this weekend for all my bridal events. It was SO great having her here. Matthew warmed up to her super fast & she was awesome with him. She is his God mommy!! I'm so glad she will be back in a month for the wedding!! I can't thank her enough for all her help. 

What baby doesn't like to swing? He just can't get enough. He loves being outside, loves flying, I think he loves that tickle that you get in your stomach when you go on a roller coaster or water slide. Funny, because I despise that feeling lol!! 

& just another one for all to see :) It almost looks photo shopped its hilarious!! 

 Weight: Around 22 lbs
Health: His first sickness lasted a little over a week, but it is gone now & I'm so relived. He has eight teeth & still teething really bad.
Nutrition: 5-6 ounces every 4-5 hours, 2-3 solid feedings a day (organic homemade food), lots of baby snacks. I think I may start trying to ween to normal milk? Not sure yet.
Sleep: Sleeping GREAT, one wake up between 7 & 9 a.m. We are getting at least 7 hours not interrupted, AWESOME. We have him in the pack n play next to our bed.
Social: Loves peek a boo, being chased, chasing us, stealing toys haha, he talks up a storm with all kinds of weird words & noises. He is defiantly saying sentences, I just don't know what he is saying lol. He knows who dada & mama are. He can sort of wave now.
Clothing: 6-12 months, or 12 months. The 6 month & 9 month outfits don't fit him anymore. He is still in size 4 diapers, size medium swim diapers & size 5 shoes.
Skills: Closing doors, waving, clapping, opening doors, moving things out of the way to get to something else, walking, mama & dada (saying), knows when he is doing something he shouldn't be lol.


  1. oh my!!!! that does seem super high! hahaha you can tell he's having so much fun!

  2. His combed hair in BJS is seriously the cutest thing ever!